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right, so this is it?

i dont think N*sync and Nelly make a good mix, and i hate NSYNC, grossness, but i like Nelly and the song isnt that bad. im a faithful Blink182 fan, im not "supposed to like boybands" or thats what people tell me. i cant like what i wana, cant i? the beat to that girlfriend Song isnt THAT BAD! come on people!? anyways, im still up in the burg. and i havent seen john or Joseph yet but thats O.K. and jessica came over last night (yay) i have never missed her so much in my life. shes so funny!! hahaha long story. but anyways, nothing really exciting has happend. me and Gram went up and picked up some pizza for lunch and Chris came by. hes so stupid, but funny lol. hes so funny...kinda like me ::wink wink:: but he was a "Bad" kid (or so people say) when he was younger. right! Jessica finally saw the true side of Will lastnight..and im kinda happy. she can finally see the True side of him. cause hes ususally a lil butt momma but hes nice to people he doesnt really know. So im watching "Cita's world" right now..its a purty good show thang. hahaha shes crazy. but anyways im gona bizounce cause i need to get offline and find something better to do!!
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