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Guys...cant live with em..cant live with out em..

i dont know whats gotten into me! heh. Im falling for the guy, i least expected. its kinda weird..but im really...confused. lol. i duno...long story. school was BORING and LONG today, nothing really exciting happend though. then i came home and the guy was here to fix our satellite. i think we should just get the darn thing for free cause they have had to fix it like 50 times. not really, its called Sarcasim. anyways, Luke was being an ass today. i dont really know why..but like i care? Me and abby arent talking much, only because shes got 'soccer' or something like that. but o well. heh. Me and Jennifer, were gettin tighter. i love tha girl, shes great. and really sweet too. like, i went to her house yesterday and hung out for a lil while. then we rode her Go-Cart (oh yeah, i drove..and im OH so Good!!) then went up to the tanning bed. after that we went for some ice cream at the new place next door to the GoldenBodz. Cory, this girl at our school, was workin there. this guy rolls up in there with a blunt. from there on it was just a whole bunch of drama. so, jessica, if yer reading this..i love ya girl. dont worry about all that shyte going on up there. it wont matter much longer! u can move down here?! heh. that would be loads of fun, ;) well, i talked to Michaels brother Zack today. hes pretty cool. he told me he was 20...but i dont think so. heh. oh well.. then he asked me all these questions' about michael...i was just like I DUNO!! aahh! LoL* ok well, im gona bizounce cause i need to go make some din-din for mah momma.
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